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Definition of 'Interim Statement'

An interim statement is a financial report that is issued by a company before its annual report. It provides an update on the company's financial performance for the period since the last annual report. Interim statements are typically issued quarterly or semi-annually.

The purpose of an interim statement is to provide investors with an update on the company's financial health. It can also be used to help investors make investment decisions. Interim statements are not as comprehensive as annual reports, but they do provide investors with some key information about the company's financial performance.

The information that is typically included in an interim statement includes:

* Revenue
* Expenses
* Net income
* Cash flow
* Shareholders' equity
* Debt
* Other financial information

The format of an interim statement can vary from company to company. However, most interim statements follow a similar format to annual reports.

Interim statements are an important part of the financial reporting process. They provide investors with regular updates on the company's financial health and can be used to help investors make investment decisions.

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