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Definition of 'International Labor Organization (ILO)'

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a United Nations agency that deals with international labor standards, employment, and social protection. It was established in 1919 as part of the Treaty of Versailles, and is the oldest surviving international organization. The ILO's headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

The ILO has three main functions:

* Setting international labor standards
* Promoting social dialogue between employers and workers
* Providing technical assistance to member states

The ILO's standards are set through a tripartite process involving governments, employers, and workers. The standards cover a wide range of issues, including child labor, forced labor, discrimination, and occupational health and safety.

The ILO also promotes social dialogue through its Tripartite Advisory Board and its Global Dialogue Forum. The Tripartite Advisory Board is composed of representatives from governments, employers, and workers, and it provides advice to the ILO on its work. The Global Dialogue Forum is a forum for dialogue between governments, employers, and workers on global economic and social issues.

The ILO provides technical assistance to member states in a variety of ways, including providing training, advice, and financial support. The ILO also helps member states to develop and implement national labor laws and policies.

The ILO has a membership of 187 countries. The ILO's work is financed by contributions from its member states.

The ILO has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize twice, in 1969 and 2018. The ILO is considered to be one of the most important international organizations in the world.

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