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Definition of 'Micro Manager'

A micro-manager is someone who is overly involved in the details of a project or task, to the point of being disruptive. They may micromanage their employees, closely monitoring their work and making frequent changes. This can be counterproductive, as it can stifle creativity and productivity.

Micro-managers often have a need for control, and they may be afraid of delegating tasks. They may also be perfectionists, and they may not trust others to do the job correctly.

Micro-management can have a number of negative consequences. It can lead to employee resentment, low morale, and decreased productivity. It can also make it difficult to attract and retain top talent.

If you are a micro-manager, it is important to recognize the negative impact your behavior can have on others. You need to learn to trust others and to delegate tasks. You also need to be more flexible and to accept that mistakes will happen.

Here are some tips for overcoming micro-management:

* Set clear goals and expectations for your employees.
* Give your employees the autonomy to do their jobs.
* Trust your employees to do their work correctly.
* Be open to feedback and be willing to change your ways.

If you are an employee who is being micromanaged, it is important to speak up. Let your manager know how their behavior is affecting you. You can also try to set boundaries, such as asking your manager to give you more space to work.

Micro-management can be a difficult problem to overcome, but it is important to address it if it is negatively impacting your work or your relationships with others.

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