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Definition of 'Night Depository'

A night depository is a secure facility located at a bank or credit union where customers can deposit checks and cash after normal business hours. The night depository is typically open from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., seven days a week.

To use a night depository, you will need to bring your checks and cash to the bank or credit union. You will then fill out a deposit slip and insert it into the night depository along with your checks and cash. The night depository will be locked at the end of the night, and your deposits will be processed the next business day.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a night depository. First, make sure that you fill out the deposit slip correctly. Second, make sure that you insert your checks and cash into the night depository in a safe manner. Third, be aware that there is a limit to the amount of money that you can deposit at a night depository.

Night depositories are a convenient way to deposit checks and cash after normal business hours. However, it is important to use them safely and responsibly.

Here are some additional tips for using a night depository:

* Only deposit checks and cash that you have personally endorsed.
* Do not deposit any valuables, such as jewelry or coins.
* Do not deposit any checks that are post-dated or that have a restrictive endorsement.
* If you have any questions about using a night depository, contact your bank or credit union.

Night depositories are a safe and convenient way to deposit checks and cash after normal business hours. By following these tips, you can use them safely and responsibly.

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