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Definition of 'PASR'

PASR is an acronym for Price Action Support Resistance. These price levels are derrived from prior price activity viewed on charts where swing highs and lows display a reaction off of a certain price area.

These price areas can subsequently function as either support or resistance in future market movement. Often, price support if eventually penetrated to the downside will become resistance and vice versa with a resistance price level where price penetrates to the upside.

Here's a graphic showing PASR:

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support resistance graphic

Drawing in Price Action Support and Resistance levels is a discretionary "art" when viewing a chart, no matter what time frame.

Here is a 30-minute chart of the SP-500 emini contract showing (ES) PASR price levels with horizontal Blue lines including arrows showing how price reacts off of them.

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support resistance es example

PASR price levels are simply potential halting or reversing price zones to which the market may react.

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