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Definition of 'Nonaccrual Loan'

A nonaccrual loan is a loan that is not generating interest income for the lender. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as when the borrower has defaulted on the loan or when the loan is in foreclosure.

When a loan is placed on nonaccrual status, the lender stops accruing interest on the loan. This means that the lender will not earn any interest income on the loan until it is brought back to accrual status.

There are a few different reasons why a loan might be placed on nonaccrual status. One common reason is when the borrower defaults on the loan. When a borrower defaults on a loan, they stop making payments on the loan. This can put the lender at risk of not being repaid the full amount of the loan. To protect themselves, lenders will often place loans that are in default on nonaccrual status.

Another common reason for a loan to be placed on nonaccrual status is when the loan is in foreclosure. When a loan is in foreclosure, the lender is taking legal action to take ownership of the property that was used as collateral for the loan. This can be a lengthy and expensive process, and lenders often place loans in foreclosure on nonaccrual status to avoid having to accrue interest on the loan while the foreclosure process is ongoing.

Nonaccrual loans can have a significant impact on a lender's financial statements. When a loan is placed on nonaccrual status, the lender must write down the value of the loan. This means that the lender will take a loss on the loan, which can reduce their net income. Additionally, nonaccrual loans can increase a lender's riskiness, which can make it more difficult for them to borrow money from other lenders.

Overall, nonaccrual loans can be a significant financial burden for lenders. However, they can also be an important tool for managing risk. By placing loans on nonaccrual status, lenders can protect themselves from potential losses and ensure that they are only lending to borrowers who are likely to repay their loans.

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