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Definition of 'Definition of a Notary, Duties, Where to Notarize, and Examples'

A notary public is a person who is authorized by the state to witness the signing of legal documents and to certify that the signatures are genuine. Notaries are typically found in banks, law offices, and other businesses that handle legal documents.

Notaries perform a variety of duties, including:

* Witnessing the signing of legal documents
* Taking an oath or affirmation
* Administering oaths or affirmations
* Attesting to the authenticity of documents
* Notarizing copies of documents
* Providing certified copies of documents

Notaries are important because they help to ensure the validity of legal documents. By witnessing the signing of a document, the notary attests to the fact that the person who signed the document was present and that they were of sound mind when they signed it. This helps to prevent fraud and forgery.

Notaries are also important because they can provide certified copies of documents. A certified copy is a copy of a document that has been verified by a notary as being a true and accurate copy of the original document. Certified copies are often required for legal purposes, such as applying for a loan or a mortgage.

Notaries can be found in banks, law offices, and other businesses that handle legal documents. To find a notary near you, you can use the American Association of Notaries' website or the National Notary Association's website.

Here are some examples of documents that may need to be notarized:

* Deeds
* Mortgages
* Wills
* Powers of attorney
* Adoption papers
* Marriage licenses
* Divorce decrees

If you are unsure whether a document needs to be notarized, you can contact the person or organization that is requesting the document. They will be able to tell you if a notary is required and, if so, what type of notary you need.

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