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Definition of 'Options Industry Council (OIC)'

The Options Industry Council (OIC) is a self-regulatory organization (SRO) that oversees the options market in the United States. The OIC was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in New York City. The OIC's mission is to protect investors and promote market integrity by setting standards for the options industry and enforcing those standards.

The OIC has a number of responsibilities, including:

* Setting standards for the options industry, including rules for trading, clearing, and settlement.
* Enforcing those standards through its examination and enforcement programs.
* Educating investors about the options market.
* Promoting research on the options market.

The OIC is funded by its members, which include options exchanges, clearinghouses, and other market participants. The OIC is governed by a board of directors, which is composed of representatives from its member organizations.

The OIC is a recognized SRO by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means that the OIC has the authority to set rules for the options market and to enforce those rules. The OIC's rules are designed to protect investors and promote market integrity.

The OIC plays an important role in the options market. The OIC's standards and rules help to ensure that the options market is fair and transparent. The OIC's education and research programs help to inform investors about the options market. The OIC's enforcement program helps to protect investors from fraud and abuse.

The OIC is a valuable resource for the options market. The OIC's standards, rules, education, and research programs help to make the options market a safe and efficient place for investors to trade.

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