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Definition of 'Organizational Chart'

An organizational chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization, including the relationships between different departments and positions. It can be used to visualize the hierarchy of an organization and to see how different parts of the organization work together.

Organizational charts are often used by businesses to communicate their structure to employees and to help new employees understand how the organization works. They can also be used to help employees identify their roles and responsibilities and to see how their work fits into the overall organization.

Organizational charts can be created in a variety of ways, but they typically include the following elements:

* The name of the organization
* The names of the different departments and divisions
* The names of the positions within each department or division
* The lines that show the reporting relationships between different positions

Organizational charts can be very helpful for understanding the structure of an organization, but they can also be limited. For example, they may not show the informal relationships between employees or the way that work actually gets done. Additionally, organizational charts can become outdated quickly as organizations change and grow.

Despite these limitations, organizational charts can be a valuable tool for understanding and communicating the structure of an organization.

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