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Definition of 'Painting the Tape'

Painting the tape is a form of market manipulation in which a trader or group of traders artificially inflates the price of a stock by placing large buy orders at successively higher prices. This creates the illusion of strong demand for the stock, which can entice other investors to buy into the stock, further driving up the price.

Painting the tape is illegal in most countries, but it can be difficult to detect and prosecute. One way to spot potential cases of painting the tape is to look for unusual trading activity, such as a sudden spike in volume or a large number of trades at the same price.

Another red flag is if the price of a stock rises sharply without any apparent news or fundamental changes to the company. This could indicate that someone is trying to artificially inflate the price in order to sell the stock at a higher price.

If you suspect that someone is painting the tape, you can report it to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC has the authority to investigate and prosecute cases of market manipulation.

Painting the tape can have a number of negative consequences. It can artificially inflate the price of a stock, making it more expensive for investors to buy. It can also create a false sense of security among investors, who may believe that the stock is worth more than it actually is. This can lead to investors making poor investment decisions.

Painting the tape is a serious crime, and those who are caught engaging in this activity can face severe penalties. In the United States, individuals who are convicted of painting the tape can be fined up to \$5 million and imprisoned for up to 20 years. Corporations that are convicted of painting the tape can be fined up to \$25 million.

It is important to be aware of the potential for painting the tape when investing in stocks. If you suspect that someone is trying to manipulate the market, you should report it to the SEC.

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