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Definition of 'Proxy Vote'

A proxy vote is a vote cast by a shareholder on behalf of another shareholder. This can be done in person at a shareholder meeting or by mail. Shareholders who are unable to attend the meeting in person can appoint another person to vote on their behalf. This person is known as a proxy.

Proxy voting is an important part of corporate governance. It allows shareholders to have a say in how their company is run, even if they are unable to attend the annual meeting. Proxy voting also helps to ensure that all shareholders have an equal voice in corporate decisions.

There are a few things to keep in mind when voting by proxy. First, make sure that you are voting for a qualified proxy. A qualified proxy is someone who is authorized to vote on your behalf. Second, make sure that you understand the proxy statement. The proxy statement contains important information about the company's financial condition and the proposals that will be voted on at the meeting. Third, vote early. The deadline for voting by proxy is usually several weeks before the meeting.

If you have any questions about proxy voting, you should contact your broker or the company's investor relations department.

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