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Definition of 'Questioned Document Investigation'

Questioned document investigation is the process of examining a document to determine its authenticity. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to determine if a document is genuine, to identify the author of a document, or to determine the date of a document.

The process of questioned document investigation typically begins with a visual examination of the document. This involves looking for any signs of alteration or forgery, such as changes in the ink color, erasures, or other inconsistencies. The document may also be examined under a microscope to look for additional evidence of alteration or forgery.

If the visual examination does not provide enough information to determine the authenticity of the document, additional tests may be performed. These tests may include chemical analysis, handwriting analysis, or other specialized tests. The results of these tests can help to determine the authenticity of the document and to identify the author or date of the document.

Questioned document investigation is a complex and specialized field. It is important to work with a qualified expert when conducting a questioned document investigation. A qualified expert will have the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct a thorough and accurate investigation.

Questioned document investigation can be used in a variety of legal and business settings. For example, it can be used to determine the authenticity of a will, to identify the author of a contract, or to determine the date of a financial document. Questioned document investigation can also be used to investigate fraud, theft, and other crimes.

Questioned document investigation is a valuable tool for protecting the integrity of documents and for investigating fraud and other crimes. By working with a qualified expert, you can be confident that your documents are authentic and that you are protected from fraud.

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