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Definition of 'Rider'

A rider is an additional clause or provision in an insurance policy that modifies or supplements the coverage provided by the basic policy. Riders can be used to add or remove coverage, change the terms of coverage, or set limits on the amount of coverage that is available.

There are many different types of riders that can be added to an insurance policy. Some of the most common types of riders include:

* *Medical expense riders:* These riders can be used to increase the amount of coverage that is available for medical expenses, or to cover specific types of medical expenses that are not otherwise covered by the basic policy.
* *Accidental death and dismemberment riders:* These riders provide a lump-sum payment if the policyholder dies as a result of an accident, or if they lose a limb or other body part as a result of an accident.
* *Disability income riders:* These riders provide a monthly income if the policyholder becomes disabled and is unable to work.
* *Long-term care riders:* These riders provide coverage for the cost of long-term care, such as nursing home care or home health care.

Before adding a rider to your insurance policy, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of the rider to make sure that you understand what is covered and what is not covered. You should also make sure that the rider is affordable and that it does not increase your overall premium too much.

If you have any questions about riders, you should talk to your insurance agent. They can help you determine if a rider is right for you and can help you find the right rider for your needs.

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