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A title search is a legal investigation into the history of a property's ownership. It is conducted to ensure that the seller of a property has the right to sell it and that there are no liens or other encumbrances on the title.

The title search process typically begins with a search of the public records. This includes the county recorder's office, where all deeds and mortgages are recorded, and the county clerk's office, where all liens are filed. The title search company will also search for any other documents that may affect the title, such as bankruptcy filings, judgments, or tax liens.

Once the public records have been searched, the title search company will contact the seller and any other parties who may have an interest in the property. This includes the seller's lender, any previous owners, and any lienholders. The title search company will then review all of the documents that have been gathered and prepare a report on the title.

The title report will include a summary of the property's ownership history, as well as any liens or other encumbrances that have been found. The report will also indicate whether the title is clear or whether there are any problems that need to be resolved before the sale can be completed.

The title search is an important part of the home buying process. It helps to protect buyers from purchasing a property that has hidden problems. By conducting a title search, buyers can be sure that they are getting a clear title to the property and that there are no liens or other encumbrances that could affect their ownership.

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