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Definition of 'UTXO'

**What is an UTXO?**

An unspent transaction output (UTXO) is a record of a Bitcoin transaction that has not yet been spent. UTXOs are created when a Bitcoin transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, and they are used to fund future Bitcoin transactions.

**How do UTXOs work?**

When a Bitcoin transaction is created, the sender must specify which UTXOs they want to use to fund the transaction. The sender can use any number of UTXOs, as long as the total value of the UTXOs is greater than or equal to the amount of Bitcoin they want to send.

The Bitcoin network then confirms the transaction and adds it to the blockchain. The UTXOs that were used to fund the transaction are now considered to be spent, and they are removed from the blockchain.

**What are the benefits of UTXOs?**

UTXOs have a number of benefits over other blockchain transaction models, such as account-based models. For example, UTXOs are more secure because they cannot be double-spent. Additionally, UTXOs are more efficient because they do not require the entire blockchain to be processed when a transaction is made.

**What are the drawbacks of UTXOs?**

UTXOs also have a number of drawbacks. For example, UTXOs can be complex to manage, and they can lead to a high number of small transactions. Additionally, UTXOs can be a burden on the Bitcoin network, as they can take up a lot of space on the blockchain.


UTXOs are an important part of the Bitcoin blockchain. They are used to fund Bitcoin transactions and they help to ensure the security and efficiency of the network. However, UTXOs can also be complex to manage and they can lead to a high number of small transactions.

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