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Definition of 'Survey of Business Uncertainty'

The Survey of Business Uncertainty is a regular survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. The survey aims to measure the degree of uncertainty faced by businesses regarding future economic conditions and how this uncertainty affects their investment, employment, and pricing decisions.

The survey is based on a panel of firms that are representative of the US economy and includes businesses of different sizes and industries. The panel is asked to provide information on their subjective uncertainty about various economic factors, such as future GDP growth, inflation, and interest rates, as well as their plans for capital spending, hiring, and pricing.

The results of the survey are published regularly and can provide insights into the behavior of businesses in response to changes in economic conditions and policy decisions. The survey has gained attention from policymakers, economists, and business leaders as a useful tool for monitoring business sentiment and understanding the impact of uncertainty on economic outcomes.

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