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Lorie Logan is an American economist and the current Vice President and Manager of the System Open Market Account (SOMA) at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In this role, she is responsible for managing the Federal Reserve's balance sheet, which includes implementing monetary policy decisions made by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) through the buying and selling of securities.

Logan has been with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since 1986 and has held various leadership positions within the bank's Markets Group. She was appointed as the Manager of SOMA in 2019, succeeding Simon Potter.

Lorie K. Logan began serving as the 14th president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on August 22, 2022. She represents the Eleventh Federal Reserve District on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in the formulation of U.S. monetary policy and oversees the 1,200 employees of the Dallas Fed.

Logan is widely respected for her expertise in monetary policy and her extensive knowledge of financial markets. She is also a member of the Federal Reserve's Money Market Working Group and the Alternative Reference Rates Committee, which are both tasked with promoting financial stability and developing new benchmark interest rates to replace LIBOR.

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