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Definition of 'Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index'

The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index is a measure of the used vehicle market in the United States. It is published by Manheim, a company that provides vehicle remarketing services, including auctions and inventory management, to dealerships and other automotive businesses.

The index is based on data from Manheim's extensive database of vehicle transactions, which includes wholesale prices for vehicles sold through Manheim's auctions. The index is calculated each month and is designed to provide insight into the overall health of the used vehicle market.

The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index is based on a scale of 100, with a base value of 100 set in January 1995. The index takes into account factors such as vehicle make and model, mileage, age, and condition, as well as regional and seasonal variations in the used vehicle market.

A higher value on the index indicates that used vehicle prices are higher relative to their historical average, while a lower value indicates that prices are lower. The index is used by dealerships, financial institutions, and other organizations to track trends in the used vehicle market and to make informed decisions about buying and selling used vehicles.

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