Paging in the Forum

Our forum at MyPivots is a hybrid between a traditional forum and a chat room. It has the permanence and convenience of forum while also allowing you, the trader, to quickly and easily keep up-to-date with the latest post on the topic that you're watching. This is extremely important as many comments about the market are made in real time and you will want to know that something has been said and you want to know right away.

A forum of this type also needs a better way to do paging. In a classic forum you will see (around) ten posts on a page. You will need to click an arrow or link to page back and forth to see everything that was commented on the subject.

We needed a better model for paging in a hybrid chat-forum so we came up with "inline paging." Inline paging pulls a page of ten posts into the current page that you're viewing. This means that all the posts that you're current looking at will stay on the page and 10 new posts will be pulled in and inserted in the appropriate chronological order. Let's walk through how this works to make its understanding a little easier...

If there are ten or fewer posts on a topic then you won't see any paging buttons. If there are more than ten posts then you will see the first post (to give you some context about the topic), one or more paging buttons and then the last one to ten posts (the last page of posts).

Here it's explained more visually. Let's say you're on the following page with a topic post, some paging buttons and then a collection of posts under the paging buttons:

First Post
Pages 12345
Last one to ten posts

If you click on the page 3 link, for example, then posts 31 to 40 will be inserted into the page and the paging section will split into two.

First Post
Pages 12
Posts 31 to 40 (page 3)
Pages 45
Last one to ten posts

If you want to pull all the pages in quickly then start from the right and click each of the page buttons. The paging section will remain stationary while each of the pages under this section will be pulled in.