Phantom of the Pits - 11. Time to Reflect on God's Rules

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This chapter is as important as any chapter of any book written in modern times to Phantom. I don't mean to take a platform but today I have discovered many reasons for "Phantom of the Pits" being written.

Today Phantom was given some very sad news. I have never in my life seen Phantom defeated in his entire career. Today Phantom is on his knees. He is in pain and distress to understand what has happened in his life.

He has been prepared for most any possible outcome by being able to protect his positions. Today is much different! He can only reflect as what the importance his life is to others in this world and what his purpose has been for presenting his insight into trading and methods of trading in order to make repayment of his life at this time.

I can only pass to you what some of his views today included and why. Many of you who have read my efforts to convey his thoughts to you in my own unfamiliar writings perhaps understand my difficulty as I write with tears on my keyboard.

Phantom is not one who you would consider extremely religious but today has shocked his thought on reality of what is beyond! Phantom's heart has been finally torn from him. No matter how prepared he has been to protect and defend his chosen world.

Today Phantom learned that John Denver was killed Sunday in his experimental aircraft when it crashed of the coast of California. The aircraft plummeted into the Pacific from about 500 feet of altitude. Trading has been Phantom's life and singing has been John's life.

The love of flying has been in both of their lives. There has been common ground by so many of John's family, friends and fans.

Phantom knows the hardships and difficulties of being a public figure and of the struggle of public figures like John. We keep Phantom's identity confidential for that reason. I can only request that you understand and respect Phantom's request.

John had given a big part of his life to others by being in the public's eye. This always takes a big part away from family over the years. This causes Phantom to reflect how trading is such a very small and minute incident in our lives. Who do we turn to when our world is voided of one of our familiar lighthouses in life?

Several months ago Phantom indicated it was time for payback and he really didn't know why it was so important now or what the true reason was. We both agreed to find reasons or wait for the answer. Today we understand more of the reasons.

You must understand that Phantom today cried and pointed to when he was asked what his favorite book was that he failed God's test. You see his favorite book is indeed the BIBLE. Phantom felt that no one would understand a different direction than a trader's highest goal.

He set out to explain and guide traders to the best possible outcome in their trading lives. It is clear as to how this guidance was meant to point. Phantom actually pointed out the reason for the book and the word, which was to be understood by all traders and everyone in their lives at one time, or another.

Phantom tried to point out his rules one and two for the reason of helping you survive in trading. He has given you the ultimate choice of following the correct path, as he wanted to help guide you away from the rocks and storms. He always will offer his guidance. But it is you who must make the correct choice.

It is my interpretation that this following statement is the truth of trading and the reason for the book. If you do not use proper rules in your trading, you will lose everything you had hoped to gain." Phantom has been the messenger but not the judge of your survival in trading!

The Bible which is Phantom's favorite book gives us a choice also. We are given the choice of believing or not believing what is written. The Bible indicates that those who believe in what is said in Bible and accept it shall have everlasting life.

What Phantom has missed is about his favorite book is that we all must make the choice but there is only one correct answer. Our decision according to the BIBLE can be based on what will happen IF WE DO NOT BELIEVE or it can be base on what will happen if WE DO BELIEVE!

"Phantom of the Pits" has another message I believe, besides Phantom's insights. The most important part of our lives is what is in our lives. Our family and our friends are above all material gains from trading and must at all time be the most important reason for our struggle in being a good trader.

Your God must be the ultimate and supreme in you life in order to have any meaning to those who love you and want you to be their sunlight in life.

Let us learn from what has just happened to Phantom in his life! Phantom cares and he needs to understand. His distress is not easily overcome. I think Phantom had to face the reality of mortality or lack of mortality in his life. Phantom is determined to work harder at giving back as long as it is welcomed.

Our Farewell and God's flight to our friend John Denver.

" Our Farewell and God's flight to our friend John Denver. " ---ALS

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