Download Indicators

How to download and install the indicators for eSignal


(If you need to install eSignal then click here to go to eSignal's installation page.)

This page is now obsolete. If you need access to the legacy indicators then please contact us. You can now access all of our indicators from the MyPivots Indicator Install page.


In eSignal, open an Advanced Chart and right click on the chart.

From the menus choose: Formulas > Downloads > ForceIndex.efs etc.

Whichever EFS you choose will then load and put the lines for that study on your chart.

If the EFS tells you that you are not authorized to use the study then you will need to contact us and verify that you entered the correct eSignal User Name when you signed up. Your eSignal User Name can be found by clicking Help > About on the eSignal menus. If you have not subscribed then do so from the relevant subscription page and you name will be authorized shortly.

If you want to change the parameters for any of the studies then right click the chart and select the Edit... menu option. From the subsequent dialog box click the Study drop down box and select the appropriate study. Here you will find the Formula Parameters. The Formula Parameters will allow you to change the parameters of the indicator.