eSignal's IRC Chat Client

Connecting with eSignal's IRC chat client

  1. From the eSignal menu select: File -> New -> Chat
  2. You will be greeted by the chat window. Now click the "join" button opposite #esignal. (The second time that you open this window you will probably notice that further down the screen there is an option to join #emini so you can bypass this step and click the join button next to #emini but the first time you open this window you won't see that option.)
  3. You will be asked for a Username. You can type anything here but we suggest that you use something descriptive to make yourself easily identifiable. (If that name is already taken then you will be told that and will be asked to chose a different name. People often just add a number to the name/nick that they usually use so that others can identify them and give them appropriate help.)
  4. Once you are in the #esignal channel type the following (without quotes) on the command line and press enter: "/join #emini"
    (this will take you from the #esignal channel into the #emini channel.)
  5. Once in the channel you will be able to see other people typing comments and you will also be able to type questions and comments yourself.
  6. You can now post charts in real time using the eSignal Snapshot tool (if you want) which is in the tray (bottom right hand side of toolbar) on your desktop. (To learn how to post charts into the channel please ask in our forum.)

Difference between mIRC and eSignal Chat

When someone posts a link to a chart/image into a chat window, then you the user, need to double click on this link and this will open up a separate browser window and show the chart in this window. This is what you need to do with the link that has been posted in the mIRC chat client below:

The image above is taken from a regular chat client - in this case mIRC.

Now if you were in the same chat channel (#emini) and you had connected to this channel using the eSignal chat client as described at the top of this page, then you would have seen something very different. Do you notice the [img] tag in front of the web address? Well that tag tells the eSignal chat client that this is an image and it can show you the image directly in the chat client which saves you the effort of (1) clicking on the link and (2) opening up a new window. You see the chart directly in the chat window like this:

Once you've seen and examined the chart/image and you don't want to look at it anymore, you can let it scroll off the top of the screen or you can click on the Hide Image button above the image and it will (not surprisingly) hide the image as in the picture below:

If you have comments or problems with what I have explained here, please post your questions in this support forum and I will answer them. If you do have a question and/or don't understand any of this then it is highly likely that others will/have already had this problem so we will all benefit from the questions/comments in the forum:

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