Changes for New Daily Notes

During the first quarter of 2007 some changes were made to the Daily Notes. In order to provide more value for traders the site has had to take a couple of steps back to provide for a new infrastructure. In the long run this will be beneficial. Here is the new Daily Notes page.

What has changed?

  • Each symbol/instrument is now on its own page.
  • The charts have been temporarily removed but will be brought back in the future.
  • All-session (continuous) data is now being used for all symbols. (Previously, some electronic contracts (such as ES and NQ) used RTH data.
  • Market Profile Value Area and Point of Control are being published in the VA and POC forum until they can be integrated back into the pages.

What has improved?

  • We will be able (over time) to provide more information on more symbols than before.
  • Speed, reliability and stability will all improve.
  • You will be able to customize the pages that you look at. (Still to come)
  • There are a few other improvements that we haven't announced yet...