We will credit your account if the person that you refer takes up a subscription with us.

Referral Benefits for you

  • Your account with us will be credited with the amount paid by the person that you refer during the first month of their subscription.
  • You can refer as many people as you like and get as much credit towards using our indicators as you like.
  • You will get referral credit for each indicator pack that they sign up for during the referral qualifying period.

Referral Rules

  • The person that you refer must not have tried any of our indicators/packs before.
  • The credit you will receive will be equal to any subscriptions that they sign up for in their first calendar month which will be known as the qualifying period.
  • The first day of the qualifying period will be the day that the first payment is received and the last day will be one day before that on the following month. For example, the 6 June to 5 July or 1 Jan to 31Jan.
  • If they sign up for multiple packs during the qualifying period you will receive credit for any payments made by them during this period.
  • The qualifying period will not include the period of any free trial they take but will include the period of any discounted trial they take.
  • You will receive credit for any discounted trial payments that they make.
  • You do not have to be a subscriber to the of the indicator packs to receive credit for a referral.
  • You may only use your referral credit towards the use of the indicator packs that we provide and may not combine them with any free trials.
  • You MUST let us know (Contact Us) what your eSignal username is and the other person's eSignal username is BEFORE they sign up for a free/discounted trial or fully paid subscription.