Spam/Spoof email from the domain

First of all, the web site uses the domains to send and receive emails. Expect all email correspondence from MyPivots to come from an address ending in

You may have received an email that purports to be from MyPivots. It may have come from a random name preceding or one of the email addresses that we use. This may or may not be a genuine email from us.

How can you tell if an email is really from us?

The problem is know on the Internet as spoofing. Spammers will send emails to you and the email will state that the point of origin is a trusted domain (such as and this is how they get around spam filters.

There is an easy way to check if this email is really from us or not. There is a protocol called Sender Policy Framework or SPF for short. This matches the senders allowed IP addresses to their domain name. The receiving email system (yours) can query this to determine if the email that you received came from an allowed IP address.

SPF has been successfully implemented by GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo. Each of these systems will already know if the email really came from us or not and if not, it should have already put the email in the spam box (where it belongs) if you have spam catching switched on.

Your ISP may not have implemented SPF. If they have not then it is possible that you are receiving emails that pretend to be from us but are not. Send an email to your ISP and ask them if they do an SPF check when receiving emails and if not, ask them when they plan to install this. It will reduce spam email in your inbox.