Testimonials for the Indicator Packs and Web Site

We have received countless very positive comments since inception about the our indicator packs and web site and we will soon be putting them here for you to read about.

If you want to tell us your success stories from using the web or indicators then please contact us.

WOW...I was surprised how fast you reacted to my request, I'm so appreciative and grateful. The first response, getting me up and viewing the calculator again and the second response, adding more levels. I couldn't be more pleased. You are a relief to those of us who are regularly disappointed by the lack of care so many site operators have for their users, not you! I look forward to communicating with you in the future.
Jeff C. (CO)

I highly recommend this DVATool. It plots value areas, singles and dev value on candle or bar charts. If you are like myself and you need a quick glance where value areas are in multiple markets this is your tool. It also allows you to do a few other tricks. If you are seriously using Market Profile--then you need to take a look at this tool. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
JP from JPJTrading

As for the Tool Pack, I can't say enough good things about it. Useful beyond words and educative, too! Meanwhile, I've been devouring the material on your website, and using it as the foundation for further study/exploration. Thank you for making all this material available: It's one of the best resources I've come across.
Peter O.

Your Chandelier is working great I trade 30 min GOOG chart I am still in it from 351 and now it is 391 almost 40 point run on xxxx shares.
Rajiv P.

delta......nice job on u're website i still continue to use it and cookies makes my life a little easier because i dont have to set it to cams it remembers
vjaikaran (moneytec.com)

You are doing great things with this website. Great job. I really appreciate your posts.
FuturesTrader71 (elitetrader.com)

I have to agree with this. Lots of info. there for newbs and experienced traders. Nice work.
bronks (elitetrader.com)

I have been using your service for more than one year and all the tools on market profile has to be in my charts every day, it make my work a lot more easy and and more profitable. I had been trading for 8 years and your tools is the only one that I use after been eliminate one by one the rest. keep the good work.

I use the ToolPack and think it is the best thing since sliced bread. I would recommend it to all traders, whether they use market profile or not.