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ES 09-09-08

Here's some sq of nine S/R #'s I am looking at today....


80% rule in effect to 50.25
exit 1259.25(i hope!)
Covered @ 56.5 +9 on that one, up 7 today. I just have lots of support before the 50ish area...that minus 12, yesterdays VWAP and POC.
covered 1257.00,just no guts to go long here... minus 1.50 on the day

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I cannot tell how you many times I have seen this set-up in the ES trading above and below the weekly, monthly or the previous days VAH or VAL and an IB in the direction of value (most of the time) and in extrema cases away from value, either way go in the direction of the breakout. I try to figure out which way its going before the breakout.
High Volume area @ 48, daily and monthly pivots. Long @ 48.75....
ill buy2 @ 1248.75,3 point stop
lots of volume down there into those numbers.....I like both of your trade location...I missed pulling the trigger
me too , i just adjusted
Covered @ 51.50 +2.75.....43 is the contract life VAL. Short @ 48, matched weekly low
Bruce if you split the red lines it called the high i.e. 1261 sq root +.125 squared = 1269.89 RTH high was 1269.5