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Definition of 'Point of Control POC'

The POC is the Point of Control. This is a Market Profile concept. It is the price at which most TPO's occur in the Market Profile. In our illustration the POC is at 1283.00 which is the most number of TPO's.

1285.00 M
1284.75 HM
1284.50 DEGHM
1284.25 DEGHM
1284.00 DEGHM
1283.75 DEFGHIMN
1283.50 DEFGHIMN
1283.25 DEFGHIMN
1282.50 DFGJKLMN
1282.25 DJKLMN
1282.00 DJKLMN
1281.75 DJKLMN
1281.50 DLMN
1281.25 DLMN
1281.00 LMN
1280.75 LMN
1280.50 MN

See also Virgin Point of Control (VPOC).

This value can be calculated using the Market Profile Calculator. Values for popular futures contracts are calculated daily and posted in the Market Profile Forum.

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