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ES 10-03-08

Nice short coming up, 1141 or so.
12.30 vote what u think
expecting retest or tiny break of 43.75... order to buy 2 @ 1143.75(2 es)
FINALLY! long 2@ 1143.75. 4 point stop till i can figure where it relly belongs.
stopped out @ 1141.50


1 long 1142
out with +.60 on those puts here....
!@#$!... stop hit now down 12 on the day!... shoulda stayed in bed! one more try 1134-1137 area coming up!(i hope)
chasing here
long 2 @1143.75, 4 point stop
vote should come out in the next 15-30 min
Toes are fine Joe; glad everything is good with your new girl