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ES 10-03-08

Nice short coming up, 1141 or so.
hey kool, can this analysis be used on volume charts as well
Good question mofak7...was wondering the same thing as I like to use volume charts as well as a few minute charts.
That would have been a great long there at 1140 sq nine...I missed it.
out at 1148.25, plus 4.50.. now down only 3 today(whew!)... MO, probably , ive never tried!
selling one at 1152.75
Cancelling order could go a little higher
That low 1140ish just a few min ago was minus 8 off that half hours open, thats the 2nd one today!!!
short from 1153.25(tried for 53.50
Toes are fine Joe; glad everything is good with your new girl