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ES 10-07-08

Good morning all, little short coming up around 1058 I think.
aLSO.5 min avg is 1042.75, upper boll is 1044.5(and rising )..etc
5 MIN BOLL. AVG IS 1029.00. SO A STOP one or two below that would be wise
LOL, 5 min boll. holding far
Bruce you catch this from 1018?
cycle upside press till around 3:20-25 or so
Short at 1024 we fell below our 1025 sq nine support.
order to buy one at 1020.50,3.5 stop
Yeah, Joe .. im just trying for a little scalp here on the mini low due 3:08-10 time zone
ill exit 1023.50 if given the chance
Looks like were heading for a retest and a small break of 1009...Hit new lows on rising ticks I bailed at 1020. If thins thing can hold that low of 1016 that would be a nice looking W-bottom.
Thanks Joe