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ES 10-07-08

Good morning all, little short coming up around 1058 I think.
gs bac xlf all near lows
Out at 2.25.(7.5 on the day).. looking for 1051-3 but the time is just too early! Re test coming?(i hope)
-50% IB extension is 38.75 plus we still have an 80% rule in effect to 30.75
36 and 30 next two points of interest to me
WHATS bothering me is Ihad pecilled in a little peak around 12:40 or so and decline into 12:48-53 or so.(ps i thought ib ext was around 1027?)
selling 1043
i gotta be nuts to sell such an oversold condition as this , (but we all know i am!)
if it doesn't dive in the next 5 min or so i will accept this range as an it bottom
Kool - I have IB as 51.75-78.0 for a range of 26.25. For the lower end I took 13 off the range low which is how I came up with 38.75. -100% extension would be 25.5.
Thanks Joe