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ES 10-15-08

Coming into the day session down 2. Good luck all!
out at 932.00, good exit plus 4.25 on that trade.. now up 7.25
Joking aside , i do think well crack 920
We are diging into singles now that had ranged from 922.0-934.0
hard to believe them yet but i keep getting proj. to 912 area.
were fixing to break down
Iknow, but its hard for me to keep chasing such an oversold market!
yup, 926 was my spot for a small bounce, next one isnt till about 920.50
could trend sideways to up for 20 min tho... impossible to tell.(jumping in the shower while i can)
ill sell one at 943.00
rich, from ttt, and i have a buy limit on the spx at 0001

at this rate we might get filled tomorrow