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ES 10-15-08

Coming into the day session down 2. Good luck all!
sold one at 951.50, 3 point stop
covering at 949.25
got me.. now up only 4.5... sigh!
Sold at 954.25 +5.25
left some on the table
MAN,all day i was waiting for that low! HAD MY ORDER IN AT 946.50,only to miss by a handle. Thats frustrating because that may be a significant low
ill try 957 for a buy
long one at 957.00.. 4.5 stop
There will be a small 5 minute down time of the site/forum in the next half an hour while the server is restarted...
breakeven ...sheese!
rich, from ttt, and i have a buy limit on the spx at 0001

at this rate we might get filled tomorrow