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ES 10-15-08

Coming into the day session down 2. Good luck all!
positve divergencies 1,5 and 15 min. charts, mini peak 10:00
dam, missed my 976.00 entry on that little cycle peak... watching
Short @ 967.755
Good short ,Joe 959 (at a minimum) is indicated unless we see 975.00 again first. do you have sq of 9 numbers for today? Also what do you have for the pit open?
short one at 966.00, looking to cover 959 area
This wont go my way with substance until t'mor 'morn 'bout this time it looks like. 77 peak-slam lookn'for a bottom then. Right, Kool.
added one more at 969.00... now shrt 2 @ 967.50. 4 point stop
covering any move to 960.00 cycles wont bottom till at least 10:23 give or take
NQ is trending higher

we might rally once 950 area is reached...

covering one here
rich, from ttt, and i have a buy limit on the spx at 0001

at this rate we might get filled tomorrow