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ES 10-20-08

wow, i dont know how you guys can trade this pit open volitility cause i sure cant.

That is a problem. Maybe you should look at longer term intra-day charts, I use 30 min to give set-ups then watch 1-min, and 144 tick for entries/exits and try to ride it on the 30 min chart and/or monthly market profile (for day trading, the monthly MP is the best thing I have seen.)
Thanks Joe will try that out.

Can i bother with you a question as i see your option calls are excellent. What strategy you use to get entry/exit points for options trading?

counter trend weekly, monthly Market Profile i.e. DVAH DVAL, and 30 min Chart with some special RSI settings. Thanks for the compliment, I was going to buy puts yesterday but I waited to long cause I was in a trade, and before I knew it it was 4:03 and its best to do it at the close because the majority of the time the market changes trend short term in the overnight, which will effect options greater.