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ES 10-20-08

wow, i dont know how you guys can trade this pit open volitility cause i sure cant.
out ..loss of 2.5 now up 14.0...watching
any touch of 970 negates the 931 proj.
trying a small long here at 957.50
covering here
out at 959.75,plus 2.25... watching(that was just a buy on an expected mini low)
one thing seems to be developing here, regardless of how high this rally goes today ,tomorrow is shaping up to be very neg. biased. I cant get past that huge neg . divergance the nas and russell are showing today. Also fwiw a decent low comes in today around 2:30,give or take
I would expect a test of 965.50 at a min. first tho, maybe even vah at 967
whats the symbol for Russel?

RU2 was the last one right?

Am i the only one trading today?!?
counter trend weekly, monthly Market Profile i.e. DVAH DVAL, and 30 min Chart with some special RSI settings. Thanks for the compliment, I was going to buy puts yesterday but I waited to long cause I was in a trade, and before I knew it it was 4:03 and its best to do it at the close because the majority of the time the market changes trend short term in the overnight, which will effect options greater.