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ES 10-22-08

next mini low around 10:19 ..peak around 10:55 or so
ill sell920.00 if we get there
order to sell [email protected] 920.50...initial price pro up is 921.00
IM GONNA GET KILLED ... tight 3.5 stop and hoping for a quick exit!
whew! covered at break even ..920.50 cause of that expected mini low around 9:19-20 which basically saved my butt!
ohhhh, man can u believe this crap!
best for me is 21.75 ..flat now..still think highre is coming
sold one at 918.00, hoping for 903-5
3 point stop.. just above the 1 min avg,
singles 865.25-878.0 plus sq 9 @ 886