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ES 10-22-08

out at 914.50, nice scalp plus 3.5 up 3 on the day
long for lower end of high volume...16.25
I want the 24 and then new highs
selling one at 919.50
As volatile as this market is I don't know how folks who make single point specific trades do it. Like Joe has mentioned in the past, I find I have to "break the rules" in this market and add to losers to scale in around higher probability key levels (scaling out on the flip side). I have gotten taken to the woodshed doing it a few times and doesn't help one's blood pressure but overall it has been working for me.
3 point stop, still looking for 905 ish
gone ! flat on the day... watching
LONG ES 918.50
target 926
Target hit
singles 865.25-878.0 plus sq 9 @ 886