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ES 10-28-08

selling one @ 873.00 might H&S pattern

Dont think it doesnt cross my mind , Prest! Iusually make in one day what i make ther in a week or 2, but ive explained my reasoning many times why i keep it!
#$!# almost stopped ! i knew i should have covered the 1 min boll at 858.25 but i think ill get another chance! (1 min 54 exp avg is 857.50 and rising fast)
out at 858.50, plus 3 the hard way! up 25 even and watching.... (looking for lower prices generally )
next support ..5 muin boll avg at 855.00... 1 min avg is 857.50
if that were to break, i really dont know, except ,there is a vol spike at 853.00
i think there is a bounce right at noon straight up!
ill try a buy at 855.25, 3.5 stop
going to just try for one or 2 handles .. i dont like the action here!
ill cover 856.75 if we bounce to 857
Originally posted by redsixspeed


took it awhile but we made it

next 976.50