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ES 10-28-08

selling one @ 873.00 might H&S pattern

projecting to 871
By the way ,Prest, great call on the singles just above here... i belive youll see that zone in a few!
order to sell 870.75.
Cmon! gimme one more push up!
Well, im getting tired of waiting , but ill give it more time ,hoping the cycle is late
bingo!.. Now hope like heck it turns!
im actually feeling good about this.. looking for 866 at a minimum... no proj. given yet. sold one more at 873.50 avg price now 872.25...6 point stop
needs to break the 1 min boll here at 871.75(1 min avg is 866.75 and rising fast)
5 min avg and boll are aroud 864
next singles 877.75-881.5. sq 9s @ 871 & 886
Originally posted by redsixspeed


took it awhile but we made it

next 976.50