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ES 10-28-08

selling one @ 873.00 might H&S pattern

Should trend down for 9 min. proj. is 862 but i doubt it gets below 864 area, ill exit way early as usual.
ill exit here the 1 min avg(54 exp) at 867.75...lowering stop to 865.00 in the meantime
THX , Prest , those numbers rein force my exit strategy
covered 868.25(avg was at 868.00)... whew! plus 4 handles times 2! Now up 34.25 .. very good day, but a very conservative exit!
See?, theres the break!.. next stop the 864-66 zone
mini low due 1:36 so be careful
crude @ LOD
And here comes 864
5 min avg is 864.50, 5 min 89 period exp is ....864.50
15 min boll avg is 863.50.. so lotta support down here
Originally posted by redsixspeed


took it awhile but we made it

next 976.50