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ES 11-18-08

Well, another lousy globex for me! Coming into the open down 2.5. Working off of a price proj of 852.75-854 ... watching
yeah, but im working off the one 2 bars to the right now .. stopped and reversed at 846.00. looking for 840.50
whew! filled at 840.75 on 2 5.25 on ea, but still down 1.0 handles on the day!
wow, just noticed that hit dead nuts and turned!
-50% IB extension= 833.75
When a proj like the 15 is met and surpassed, ill usually go to the next bigger chart to see what it says(ie: 30 min, then 60 min) both are calling for lower!
selling 844.75
missed by one tick! My own fault, the one min proj was 844.75 and really should have tried one tick lower.
IT should now go to the 30 min proj at either 834.75 or 836.25
and thats the 30, 60 min proj is more like 818
im going to try a buy at 835.00
was the closing tick above 800?