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ES 11-18-08

Well, another lousy globex for me! Coming into the open down 2.5. Working off of a price proj of 852.75-854 ... watching
nope , 842.50 negated
sq 9 827, -100% IB ext. 823.5, singles 816.75-817.25, sq 9 813
chasing from 828.00
S2 25
covered one at 825.00 . remember the pause expected at 824.50? holding the other to 819
if noit alredy short ,a good bet might be 830.50
WOW, pivots seem pretty 'on' today! whats s1 again?
no way we get there!(i hope!) tried to sell another at 831.00 but too slow! or maybe the markets just too fast!
that came within a tick of getting me! stop is at 832.00
was the closing tick above 800?