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ES 11-18-08

Well, another lousy globex for me! Coming into the open down 2.5. Working off of a price proj of 852.75-854 ... watching
I paid too much attention to the cycle!(scared myself!) i really think we'll see that 852.75 some time this morning!
long [email protected] 845.50, 3 point stop
my guess is we will and even higher
out at 848.50(cause i need a win for my morale!) plus 6.. now up 3.5 on the day ..looking to sell you know what!
if by some miracle we tank back to the 5 min avg at 841 area ill buy it.
Well, VO, i suppose higher could happen, after all as noted on my weekend update, ideally Mon should be a low, but time will tell!
short [email protected] 852.75, stop at 855.25
sheese! stopped at 855.25.. loss of 5 total.. back to down 1.5...
I shorted 57.50
was the closing tick above 800?