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ES 12-02-08

WELL here we go! tues ,i expect some rebound action to 840 area and eventually 851, but i have late today or wed as atop so i dont see an extended run up yet! ... keep in mind the market doesnt always listen to me! LOL
weren't you long????
836 is lower than 844.75
i already corrected the post... look again!
and yes ... i was long at 842.00... now up 16.25 on the day. ill still sell 850.75 and buy 840.75
FWIW... next 5 min bar peak is the 1;25 bar and 1 min cycles say 1:27-29, then a low around 1:35 or so
changing my sell order to 851.50
5 min avg at 38.25 better hold it cause im long one at 40.50,3 point stop
I think we are in a wave 4 with some more to go to the downside then up to the area 850 53
161.8 extension is 36
stopped for a 3 point loss, buying 2@ 833 area
Volume has picked up on this move down.
yesterday you said you wouldn't be surprised to see 851 and we did. Nice work.
I am very anxious to see how tomorrow is going to play out