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ES 12-02-08

WELL here we go! tues ,i expect some rebound action to 840 area and eventually 851, but i have late today or wed as atop so i dont see an extended run up yet! ... keep in mind the market doesnt always listen to me! LOL
we had singles yesterday into the close from 17.0-32.75 that they have almost filled
Order cancelled... humbled, pissed, and watching.. now they take it to 826 area?
#@$%@#% 1 min avg is sitting at 826 Thats where i would have bailed or just under
if it continues down ill try a small long scalp at 814.50,
if this were to extend up from here, which it doesnt look like it will...the number guessed it 842!
well, they gave me another chance at my 818 but i wussed out!... waiting and watching
5 min avg is 828.25 and proj is 833.50
price action 5 miin grabbed 2.75 off the doji bar
its rare for a major moving average indeed the first time kool
yesterday you said you wouldn't be surprised to see 851 and we did. Nice work.
I am very anxious to see how tomorrow is going to play out