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ES 12-02-08

WELL here we go! tues ,i expect some rebound action to 840 area and eventually 851, but i have late today or wed as atop so i dont see an extended run up yet! ... keep in mind the market doesnt always listen to me! LOL
Paulson speak @ 11:30est / Plosser @ 12:30est FWIW
my 'deadly 15 min proj was 840.00 and since it overshot that tells me more is coming later, still think we'll see 851 today
thanks Red
well, that explains the 11:30 cycle low! ROFL!
Current 5 min proj is 829.50, deadly 15 is 823 unless we see 841 again first!
30 min boll avg is 829.90, 15 min avg is 828.95, 5min 89 period avg is 829.36... lotta support there
im probably going in way to early and the 15 min proj bothers me but ill try to buy one at 829.50 for a bounce
mini low 11:09, shouldnt amt to much tho...
low came in at 11:08
come to papa!
yesterday you said you wouldn't be surprised to see 851 and we did. Nice work.
I am very anxious to see how tomorrow is going to play out