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Globex 12-22-08

Evening all! This could be a fun opening!
so I will have to sell higher
projection down is 871.25,up is 895.50
with stops on the way possible at 888.25 and maybe 890.50
Isn’t there something called a fake holiday rally?
About this projection, what are the high low points to be considered??
yeah kool I see those 2 numbers as well
no, but theres something called the last leg up of a bear flag!...i didnt fill at 81.50,either, had my order at that time at 81.25 cause i thought it would go to 81 even!
which one ak?
this projection you just posted kb
i also tried to buy 82.00 and missed there!... remember the positive divergencies?
orders cancelled , ill watch the open...see ya on the es thread!