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Globex 12-22-08

Evening all! This could be a fun opening!
we may go down ,but it HAD to go up some first!
ak, go to the charts section ,i think i explain all 3 there! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Click image for original size
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for anyone who hasn't already I would recommend they go to 12-19 charts and check out kools current market thoughts
I WAS GOING TO SAY FIRST PULLBACK is possible anytime between here and 890, but that chart says it
any particular page on 12-19 thread VO to get the projections
well he has a bunch at the first and some others scatered here and there
Yeah, the problem with e waves (last leg up in a flag or triangle)is they're notorious for undershoots and overshoots! im hoping our projections over the next 3 days can help!
That a lot of home work LOL VO
orders cancelled , ill watch the open...see ya on the es thread!